Sample Lesson Plans

Sample Lesson Plans, Learning Standards and Suggested Uses

In this section, we present information and suggestions for educators aimed at making use of the song and tune material on this website in the classroom.  The content is conveniently arranged by subject/discipline, and includes sample lesson plans, correlations to the New York State Learning Standards and other suggested uses.

For each lesson plan, an objective is stated and a preparatory set is presented, giving an indication of the types of experiences a student would have prior to presenting the given lesson. Song or tune suggestions are given along with a possible teaching sequence. Each lesson concludes with possible ways in which the lesson might be extended.

It is strongly encouraged that the teacher thoroughly learn the traditional songs before presenting them to the class. If the teacher can also sing or play their own rendition of the song for the students--however “unpolished”--so much the better.  This, in addition to listening to the archival recording, would give the students a broader perspective as to how the song can be performed (i.e., there isn’t just one ‘right way’!).


Teachers who make use of the material from this website are encouraged to share their lesson plans with others by making them available on line. Please feel free to send your plans as an attachment to info@ 

Please include your name, subject area/grade level, and the school at which you teach so that you may receive full credit for your work.


For the Social Studies Teacher

For the English/Language Arts Teacher

For the Music Teacher